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Husu Wedding

Kurjan Kulman Taverna (Wretched Corner Tavern)-larp

Arki-ilta Gothamissa (An Ordinary Night in Gotham)-larp, 3rd playthrough

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Travel & Sights

Cornwall, 14.-28.12.2016

I spent 12 days in Cornwall in December. I walked and drove around quite a bit and here are some of the things and views that caught my eye.


Featuring abandoned boats and random items at the harbour, the Prayer Book Rebellion memorial stone, a walking path and the viaduct.

Portreath Beach & Hells Mouth

We were promised some of the world’s largest waves, but apparently we missed them. The dog had fun though and after the beach we went to the Hells Mouth cliffs which had a spectacular view.

Old Penryn Cemetery

The old cemetery was one of the most magical places I have ever seen. The oldest graves that I saw were from the 1700’s. It was hauntingly gorgeous, incredibly green and vivid and the stonework is just amazing. It is sad that it’s not taken care of and it’s so overgrown but to my eyes it made the cemetery even more beautiful and special. I spent two hours here and it wasn’t enough.
Click here for a newsarticle on the state of the cemetery from 2012 (opens in a new window/tab).

Kynance Cove

The walk down to the beach was hard, the walk back up was murder. But it was absolutely worth it. The beach is gorgeous with the rocks that are all varying hues of dark red and black. We got to the cliffs just before sunset and it was beautiful.

Kennall Vale Nature Reserve

This was the last place I visited and it was like stepping into a different world. Kennall Vale is a valley with a fascinating history, including gunpowder manufacturing. More about Kennall Vale can be read here (opens in a new window/tab).

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Elli 2016

Elli 2015

Elli 2013

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Project: The Grand Masquerade

Masks and collars made by Mika Metsätähti
All the models are friends who volunteered for this project, none of them are professional models (as of yet). The project was done to both showcase the beautiful leatherworks of Mika and to practice my portrait photography skills. The photoshoots were held in Vartiovuorenpuisto, Turku and Sorsapuisto, Tampere in October 2016.


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Piki & Vanamo, Batman, Vale-Batman, Tikku & Pikkutikku
I got to spend a Sunday afternoon with these cute little fellas running around and it was so much fun I could have stayed the night too. The four boys are all smooth coated silver-black berkshires and very difficult to tell apart. Piki is an agouti masked female with a rex coat and Vanamo is a smooth coated black-eyed white female.

Morrison & Captain Morgan

Morrison is a lovely, gentle giant and to anyone wondering he has to wear a muzzle when he is outdoors because he is a rescue and used to be unpredictable around strangers. Nowadays he’s nine years old and the friendlies dog around, the muzzle is just to make sure nothing bad happens in case he gets spooked. Captain Morgan lives with him though he does spend a lot of time outside as well. Morgan always comes home for food, though!

Lilly, chickens & Alex, the pub cat

Cornish pets: Lilly and the chickens live in Longdowns where a friend of mine has her art studio. Alex lives in a very nice pub where he gets petted by a lot of the customers.

Arthur & Terry



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Femme Fatale 2017

Autumn Charms

Back in Black

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